International Journal of Kybernology : Vol I No 2 December 2010

Welcome to the second issue Volume 1 of International Journal of Kybernology (IJoK).  The objective of IJoK is to develop, promote and coordinate the science and practice in the broad area of governance. It also aims to help researchers, lecturers, government practitioners and policy makers to contribute and disseminate information and to learn from each other’s work. Performance is the theme in the second issue of IJoK.

Different authors have proposed different topics and of course different approach to describe every side of performance. The first paper by Ella Wargadinata, describes the influence of remuneration to Indonesia’s Civil Service performance. From this paper we can see that remuneration is just one of many factors that influence performance. The more crucial factor is systemic and comprehensive civil service reform.

The second paper by Dedeh Maryani, presents management information system as supporting element of public organization performance. This paper shows the improvement of public organization performance after the implementation of management information system. Of course, there are many constraints and problems on its implementation.

The third paper by Ika Sartika presents improving local development performance in selected provinces. Local development was measured through human development indicators. Based on many provinces experiences, it can be concluded some stages that can be done to improve local development performance. They are (1) indicators choice, (2) data arrangement and analysis, (3) planning and budgeting, (4) implementing, (5) monitoring and evaluating, and (6) improvement.  But, in fact, there are some requirements in implementing the stages said above, they are: (1) the availability of uptodate, relevant, and qualified data, (2) strong political goodwill and commitment, (3) local capacity to handle data collecting and analysis, planning and budgetting, and also monitoring and respons, (4) social empowerment and local participation.

The rest three papers look at another topic with different approach. A paper by Faria Ruhana discusses about service quality measurement of agricultural extension. The fifth dimensions of SERVQUAL (service quality) are: (1) Tangible, (2) Reliability, (3) Responsiveness, (4) Assurance, and (5) Empathy. The next paper by Heru Rochmansyah is trying to discuss about job stress and its influence to employee’s performance. The method used here was Case Study, where the researcher only focused on an object which describing specifically, concretely and by locus. The final paper by Suparjana describes capacity building as the core of local government performance.

I would like to thank all the authors who have submitted papers to this issue, the members of editorial board and the all reviewers (advisory board) who were involved in the refereeing of the manuscripts.

I look forward to continue receiving your articles for publication in future issue of this journal.

With best regards,
Ika Sartika

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