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Various studies conducted by international agencies has been concluded that indonesia has not been able to develop good governance. Bureaucracy in the Republic is also not able to conduct the service to the public that is efficient, fair, responsive, and accountable. Instead, we are more reflective of the mindset of bureaucracy to control people, not to serve.

Bureaucratic phatologies, such as extortion, corruption , collusion, nepotism, discrimination in services, proceduralism and a wide range of activities that are not effective and  efficient, has resulted in the decline of the public service performed our government. Poor public sevices not only in the new order are centralized, but also still menggurita in the present as well as the research and assessment of the world Bank reported in the world Development Report 2004 and the Governance and desentralization survey (GDS) 2002 above.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Initiated Reinventing Goverment by David asborne and Ted Gaebler find a point of relevamce in the context of optimizing service delivery. The implementation of the 10 principle of Reinventing  Government, would be adapted to the socioour culture, can be an ffective  alternative solution to aliminate bureacratic pathologies us during this tria. The above situation sparked the idea there should be an effort to change mindset and act to improve the quality of public services. Necessary to find the right key for indonesian government officials to open our mind and hearts that are not bound by the paradigm of thinking about supporting excellence in public to reach the peak of exellent sservice . therefore here was proposed pubic services with would be derived from citizen charter or let say citizen charter based in Reinventing Government for excellent service.

Keyword : citizen charter, reinventing government, public service, beurocratic pathologis

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