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Public Service yang Diabaikan

Oleh : Swani Sona Saragih, M.Si*


Archive in the life of the government, isw the mostimportant, it is asserted in; Kepmendagri number 30 year 1979 about archives new pattern; permendgri No.38 Year 2005 on the produceres for filing in environmental affairs. Former Secretary of state, moerdiono, in a speech launching the book “ANRI in steps 50 year indonesia indepedence”, state that “without archives, a nation will sufeer collective amnesia syndrome and will be trapped in an uncertain present. Effendhie: 2001, management says a robust srchive, will not cause confusions in the future, so that the nation would be established in the tread life of the nation. Steady management archive here is intende as archive management is good and right under the provisions of the regulations.

Archive as recorded information, serves as a central archive memory, decision aids, the evidence for the existence of the organization and the interests of other organizations. For recorded information, we can imagine if an organization without havinf recorded information, the activity of the organization will meet many abstatcles, both in the implementation and depelopment organization . but in fact in the reform era bureaucracy archival conditions very sad, neglected archives, seen from the number of record that have not been organized well and properly, records lost, broken record, even record  sold, this is due to unfamiliarity institutions will ues value recorded ini in the archive. Archives anifying nations knot.

Keywords : archives, Bureaucratic Reform, Public Service

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