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Oleh : H. Basuki Rachmat


In act32 of 2004, onlocal government has announced the implementation of regional autonomy with more emphasis on the principle of decentralization, especially focusing on the district / city, the decentralization principle is that the regions were given full authority to organize and manage the interests of local communities in acordance aspirations communities in the area.

Regional authority to manage her area including authority to manage the finances of each region. The existence of the villages diKabuapten Sumedang not yet capable of carrying out of the optimal preparation of budget draft-village each year, so the budget-village is not optimal support increased development of rural communities that can be felt, esfecially in the caseĀ  study village district cikeruh Jatinangor Sumedang District.

This research purposes, among others to determine the extent of the local budget-prepation guidelines can be implemented in the Village Village District Cikeruh Jatinangor, Sumedang Distrik. And the extent to which the implementation.

The research method used descriptive qualitative approach. Research shows that the guidelines for the localbudget-village is to be followed by the office holders in preparing the budget draft-especially in the Village Cikeruh.

In this, connetion, it is recomendedĀ  to the Village District Government also Cikeruh Jatinangor,to further improve the performence evaluation of the implentatin of the budget-villages scope Jatinangor Sumedang District.

Keywords: autonomy, decentralization,budget-village

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